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From Funds Forum Lugano to Investments & Economy Forum Lugano

The strong volatility of today's international financial markets necessitates that both private and institutional investors carefully consider the spectrum of available investment options.
Investments and Economy Forum

Palazzo dei Congressi, Lugano
Such consideration in turn requires better access to more effective information, not only by traditional investors and professionals, but also by other important segments of the public, particularly young people who represent the future of economic activity and an important potential market.

Cantone Ticino,
situated at the border with one of the richest and most dynamic regions of the European Union, combines Switzerland's established international competence in wealth creation, management and safeguard for both offshore and onshore investors with tradition, evolution and innovation.
In such a framework, following its success in promoting and organising specialised Forums from 1998 to 2002, Benazzo Consulting (ML Forum Lugano) at the suggestions of some of the previous main sponsors, decided to expand the scope of its annual event about investment opportunities to include a broader variety of products and sectors: Investments and Economy Forum
1) Savings and pension plans or annuity programs for the client market segment defined as "mass affluent".
2) Traditional and innovative investments, private and institutional:
  • Financial traditional products
  • Alternative investments not directly dependent on fluctuations of stock and bond markets (hedge funds, and other funds specialised in Art, Real Estate, etc.).
3) Venture Capital and Private Equity instruments dealing with entrepreneurial projects in innovative industry and service sectors.
Institutional participation
The following Institutions will be present with their stands or with specific speeches:
  • Sezione della Promozione Economica
  • Istituto di Ricerche Economiche
  • Camera di commercio, industria e artigianato del Cantone Ticino
  • Osec Business Network Switzerland
  • Università della Svizzera Italiana, Facoltà di Economia.
Technical partner
  • Corriere del Ticino
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