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The Banking Solutions Forum Lugano will be held on June 14th, 2007 at Hotel de la Paix, Lugano.

This unique and exclusive event at its sixth edition, will take place in a prestigious environment offering day hospitality to a limited number of invited attendees, Event Partners as well as active participant guests.

Innovative Technologies and services for the evolution of Private Banking in a Changing World.

A permanent challenge to face an increasingly demanding and diversified customer base, while laws and regulations become more and more stringent. On the one hand, the need to search for new markets of reference broadens the horizons, on the other hand, the banks must adjust their culture and their services to earn new market shares.

Participants will have the singular opportunity to be engage in "one-day" intense series of workshops and conferences. The international businesslike and professional environment will encourage a progressive interaction
at strategic levels of platforms, software providers and innovative services solutions, international experts and Swiss and Italian bank managers.

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